Parent-Toodler Program

An Engaging Parent-‘Toddler Program! A joyful ride promising bonding, value based play, easy peasy fun activities & theme based learning!

Programme is conceptualized to enhance bonding and enable young parents to interact with their little ones in an environment with constant guidance of a professional child caregiver. ‘These classes help achieve new milestones and prepare them for more advanced challenges during each stage of growth.

Age Group: 10 months — 1.5 months
Schedule: Thrice a week. For, 6 months

Each session covers:
Aerobics & ‘Yoga, Western Dance, Art and Creativity;
Food Eating Habits; Puppet Show;
Story telling session; Practical life experiences
Water Play ;Sand Play etc.
Limited Seats available; For

Registration Contact
Facebook id: Rhythmplayschoolnoida