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Day care

Day Care

Age Group: 6 Months to 9 Year
Timings: Mon-Fri( 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM), Sat( 8:30 AM – 5 PM)


Play Group



Age Group: 2.3 Years – 3.4 Years
Timings:9 AM- 12 PM


Age Group: 3.5 Years onwards
Timings:9 AM- 12 PM



Age Group: 4.5 Years onwards
Timings:9 AM- 12 PM

Toddler Program

Age Group: 10 months – 1.5 years
Timings:Thrice a week for 6 Months

Join us in playing and learning together


Rhythm Play School is one of the best and largest pre-schools in Noida. Managed by IIM – IIFT Alumni, the playschool offers best in class education to kids and provide them classes for cultural and sports activities. Some of the things that makes Rhythm different from other playschools are – organic food, professional day care staff, well-trained and experienced teachers and highly secured and safe environment.

Learning With Fun

Interactive learning through fun activities for toddlers

Healthy Food

Fresh, organic and nutritious food provided to kids

Safety & Security

Live CCTV Camera Footage for safety and supervisions

Love & Care

Kids get their daily dose of love and care

Doctor on Call

Experience Child Care Specialists are just a call away

Bus Service

Cab and bus service is also provided with reliable staff

Personal Care

World class students teacher ration for perfect learning

Great Reviews

It is one of the most rated play school in Noida

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We put a little magic into our kids lives

Yoga Classes

Yoga is made a part of their life to enhance their lifestyle from the beginning

Music Classes

Music is the most important cultural activity, we teach to these

Painting Classes

To explore the hidden talent, painting is another important subject we have


Swimming is a basic lifestyle activity and we teach this to kids from the beginning

Judo Classes

Jodo Classes are provided to encourage self defense in kids

Skating Classes

We also offer skating classes through professional coaches

Plays & Drama

Drama and plays are the best these kids of 21st century can do.

Fun Activities

Learning with fun is the key to educate these kids

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    About Rhythm Play School and Day Care, Noida

    Rhythm is a popular Play school in Noida, it has experienced staff for your kid’s day care. Rhythm play school is based in Noida sec. 51. We understand that early education for your kids is very important and that why we are one of the best day care & nursery play school in Noida.

    Whether you are looking for a quality education or want to prepare your kids for early education, Rhythm pre school in Noida should be your first choice not only for education but the way which we use to teach your kids with simple and funny activities. These activities not only engage your kids but also improve their skills.


    One of the Best Day Care in Noida

    Rhythm Play School is one of the best play school in Noida offering excellent environment for learning and fun for toddlers. We parent our kids to enjoy themselves and be themselves. We believe in providing a home away from home to our children so that they grow in a free environment, learn to express themselves and find their unique talent in a warm, conducive, healthy and natural environment. We also recognize the individuality of each child and so, we encourage, our children to discover their hobbies, passion and be nurtured into a confident and happy child. Rhythm Play School at Noida is also one of the best rated play school and day care center in Noida. Here we also have special classes for Differently-Abled Kids.


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