Gardening with Kids in Playschool


In today’s digital world where everything seems to be so mechanical and robotic ,it is very important for elders, parents and schools to teach kids the importance of “Life” and deriving pleasure from nature. Teaching and inculcating the gardening habit is not only good for the environment but also has multiple benefits for your kids.




Here are top 5 reasons as in why we at. Rhythm Play School feel that its important to teach your kids the skill of gardening:

1) Developing all the Sense: Gardening requires using your hands and touching the mud, smelling the scent of the flowers, hearing the birds and squirrels , seeing all the vibrant colors, so the multitasking in the garden ensures that kids use all these senses simultaneously.


2) Organic /Healthy Eating: Eating organic and fresh food right from your kitchen garden is the most healthy eating. Its often tough to get your child eat healthy food.But ,once you have them let grow their own carrot and cabbage, they will have sense of pride in eating the same.


3) Responsibility & Patience: Putting the fodder, watering , taking care of your plants to ensure that it remains healthy requires   patience &  commitment.Through this activity you can teach your kids to be responsible as well


4) Family Bond : Parents, sisters ,brothers working together in the garden bring the family together.It’s a team work that goes into planting a seed, taking care of the

sapling and ensuring that the plant remains healthy.It is one the best quality time you can spend with your children.


5) Learn with Fun: You can teach so many scientific concepts like photosynthesis, how oxygen is produced, the process of plant growth, germination etc.